EN ISO 3581-A
E 18 8 Mn B 2 2
AWS A5.4
E307-15 (mod.) 

Characteristics and field of use
Core wire alloyed electrode with basic coating for joints between dissimilar steels, steels that are hard to weld and 14% Mn steels. Well suited for tough intermediate layers in case of hardfacing. Properties of the weld metal: suitable for strain-hardening, very good cavitation resistance, crack resistant, resistant to thermal shock, resistant to scaling up to +850°C, little or no tendency to sigma-phase embrittlement above 500°C, cryogenic down to -110°C. Heat treatment is possible. Consultation with the manufacturer is required for operating temperatures above +650°C. Exceptional toughness of the weld metal even at high dilution levels. Good position weldability. It is approved for welding armour plates.

Base materials
high-strength, unalloyed and alloyed structural, quenched and tempered and armour steels among themselves or among each other; unalloyed and alloyed boiler or structural steels with high-alloyed Cr and Cr-Ni steels; heat-resistant steels up to +850°C; austenitic manganese steels together and with other steels; cryogenic plate and pipe steels together with cryogenic austenitic materials.

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