EN ISO 17633-A
T 23 12 L P M21 1/T 23 12 L P C1 1
AWS A5.22

Characteristics and field of use
Rutile, strip alloyed, flux cored wire with fast freezing slag for position welding of austenite-ferrite joints, and for the first layer of weld claddings of unalloyed and low-alloy Base materials. The support provided by the fast-hardening slag allows out-of-position welding with high current magnitudes and high welding speeds. The fine droplet, low-spatter, very intense spray arc, the reliable fusion penetration, the self-releasing slag and the good wetting behaviour result in a high weld quality at the same time as short welding times. Additional advantages to its application are the ease of handling, the low heat input resulting from the high welding speed, and the small amounts of cleaning and pickling required. BÖHLER CN 23/12-FD should be used for flat and horizontal welding positions (PA, PB). The weld metal is suitable for operating temperatures between -60°C and +300°C.

Base materials
Joints: of and between high-strength, unalloyed and alloyed quenched and tempered steels, stainless, ferritic Cr and austenitic Cr-Ni steels, austenitic manganese steels and weld claddings: for the first layer of chemically resistant weld claddings on the ferritic-pearlitic steels used for boiler and pressure vessel construction up to fine-grained structural steel S500N, and for the creep resistant fine-grained structural steels 22NiMoCr4-7, 20MnMoNi5-5 and GS- 18NiMoCr 3 7 

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