Sarma tubulara reparatii,52-62 HRC,d=1.6mm,16kg,UTP AF ROBOTIC 600

Nou Sarma tubulara reparatii,52-62 HRC,d=1.6mm,16kg,UTP AF ROBOTIC 600

EN 14700
T Fe 8
DIN 8555
MSG 6-GF-60-GP

Duritatea metalului depus 57~62 HRC. Rezistenta excelenta in conditii de frecare si abraziune scazuta la socuri moderate.

Characteristics and field of use
UTP AF ROBOTIC 600 is a seamless, chromium-alloyed, metal-cored wire for wear-resistant hardfacing applications on parts subject to a combination of pressure, impact and abrasion wear. Very good weldability in comparison to solid wires, good resistance to abrasion, minimized slag formation with easy slag removal. Thanks to its constant wire feed and excellent weldability, this wire is especially suited for automated welding. Application field: Cutting tools, esp. cutting edges of presses in ceramic tiles production, jaw crushers, baffle plates.

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