Electrozi bazici Bohler d=3.2x350mm,pachet 4.6kg, FOX 7018-1

Electrozi bazici Bohler d=3.2x350mm,pachet 4.6kg, FOX 7018-1

EN ISO 2560-A

E 42 5 B 4 2 H5

AWS A5.1


Characteristics and typical fields of application

Basic coated electrode engineered for high-quality welds. Excellent strength and toughnessproperties. Also suitable for welding steels with low purity and high carbon content. Metal recovery> 110%. Good weldability in out-of-position work except for vertical-down. Suitable for welding insteel construction, boiler and container fabrication, vehicle construction, shipbuilding, and machineconstruction as well as for buffer layers when building up on high carbon steels.

Base materials

S235JR-S355JR, S235JO-S355JO, S235J2-S355J2, S275N-S420N, S275M-S420M, S275NLS420NL,
S275ML-S420ML, P235GH-P355GH, P275NL1-P355NL1, P275NL2-P355NL2, P215NL,
P265NL, P355N, P285NH-P420NH, P195TR1-P265TR1, P195TR2-P265TR2, P195GH-P265GH,
L245NB-L415NB, L245MB-L415MB, GE200-GE240, GE300, ship building steels: A, B, D, E, A 32-
F 36, A 40-F 40
ASTM A 106 Gr. A, B, C; A 181 Gr. 60, 70; A 283 Gr. A, C; A 285 Gr. A, B, C; A 350 Gr. LF1, LF2;
A 414 Gr. A, B, C, D, E, F, G; A 501 Gr. B; A 513 Gr. 1018; A 516 Gr. 55, 60, 65, 70; A 573 Gr 58,
65, 70; A 588 Gr. A, B; A 633 Gr. A, C, D, E; A 662 Gr. A, B, C; A 707 Gr. L1, L2, L3; A 711 Gr.
1013; A 841 Gr. A, B, C; API 5 L Gr. B, X42, X52, X56, X60


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